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"Wisroot Town is one of the most unique areas in Lire. Using a lightweight wood and next level treehouse building maneuvers, this town's populace was able to move their homes and shops into the treetops to make room for farmlands on the surface. Using an intricate combination of ladders, vine swinging, and bridges, the residents are able to get around with relative ease.

Untainted by pollution and ludicrous amounts of technology, this town can make a relaxing getaway. All natural herbs and Berries are grown within rich soil in the the farm area below. It is lined by a perimeter of tall wooden fences that cuts off the outside world from the forest. Outside the town's two entrances are two guards each. They regulate who comes in and out and informs outsiders on the town's specific law, ban on Fire-type Pokémon.

The treetop village has a small Pokémon Center at the edge of town. Close by is the PokéMart, but due to Trainer supplies being hard to come by in this area, it only sells a few items. To make up for the lack of medicinal items in the Mart, there is a small shack that sells herbal medicines and snacks for Pokémon consumption. Though cheaper than medical sprays, herbal medicines are extremely bitter and will decrease a Pokémon's Happiness regardless of it it likes bitter foods or not. "

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  • Wisroot Town is based off of Fortree City from the Hoenn region.
  • The Atmospheric Music for this city is the theme of Route 29 from the Pokémon anime series.
  • Both Wisroot Town and Avenir City were introduced after the original eight Lire cities.

Name OriginEdit

  • Wisroot is a combination of the words whisper and root.

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