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The Kanji division of Team Magma was known for being the only villainous "Team" to not only be regularly active, but also to be the only player run organization to make a physical impact on the world of Pokémon RP Master. All actions regarding this organization are listed as previous cannon and were erased during the site's reboot.

Creation and Early ActionEdit

This division of Team Magma was formed by Cinder "Blaze" Driftwood, a member of the lesser known Johto division and future Leader of the Rilford Town Gym. Though a ragtag band of thugs with limited funding, the group began to make a name for themselves and received the financial funding they needed by selling Pokémon and their original "Magma Balls" on the Black Market.

Using their now steady amount of new recruits and budget, Team Magma began to formulate their plan of attack to take over Kanji piece by piece.

The Golden DaysEdit

Having witnessed the ferocity of the Legendary Pokémon in the Legendary War, Blaze himself researched for numerous days and nights to find a way to control Groudon, the guardian of the lithosphere without having to risk making an attack on the Legendary Tower. His findings yielded one answer, the Red and Blue Orbs that lied somewhere at the bottom of the ocean. After building submarines with advanced sonar technology, the group was able to locate both artifacts.

Once the orbs were in Team Magma's possession, they began to take over the entirety of Pyro Mountain Pyro Mountain by force and constructed a giant wall in front of every entrance, forcing every wandering Trainer who wished to enter to pay an entrance fee and was constantly monitored by members of Team Magma.

At the same time, a special strike team of six Team Magma members was made to infiltrate the SciLabs HQ to steal their greatest invention, the Master Ball. The heist went according to plan with all opposition disposed of. With both orbs as well as the Master Ball in their custody, the entirety of Team Magma save for two members to watch the base made their way to the Legendary Tower.

By using the Blue Orb, Blaze summoned Groudon outside of the tower who was instantly captured at the drop of a hat. Entei emerged from the tower as well in an attempt to stop the humans from taking control of a Legendary Pokémon, but with a combination of Groudon's (who was still being manipulated by the Blue Orb) power as well as the collective parties of Team Magma's Pokémon, the Legendary Dog was forced to retreat.

(To be continued)

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