Specshade City


"A City Enshrined"

Specshade City is a city located in west Kanji. The locale lies north of the Sabaku Desert and west of Dawndry Town.

Official DescriptionEdit

"Specshade City is an old-fashioned city that respects its heritage. Fittingly, its buildings feature an architecture from the feudal age. Though the buildings are old, they are well maintained, being repaired with new wood every spring. In the center of the city is its the tallest building, the twelve story bell tower. This shrine to the Legendary Pokémon might be the oldest standing structure in all of Kanji.

Perhaps the most notable area of the city is the Scorched Memorial. These ashes and ruins were once an entire fourth of Specshade City. To honor the hundreds of humans and Pokémon that lost their lives, this section was left unrepaired and the destroyed park was turned into a massive graveyard. Ghost type Pokémon haunt the entire memorial and will frequently play pranks on visitors.

The Residential and Market Districts are merged as one here with the residents living in small, dated homes. Businesses are barely distinguishable from the houses which is not normally a problem for the inhabitants, but travelers can find this layout highly confusing. Notable shops for Trainers will be the PokéMart (which doesn't have that good of a stock) and the Herbal Medicines hut which sells natural heals and treats for you Pokémon, but not to make your Pokémon have too many of the bitter cures."

Places of InterestEdit

  • Scorched Memorial

Other Stores and LocationsEdit



Name OriginEdit

  • Specshade is a combination of the words spectre and shade.

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