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Henry Klein - Grass-type


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Snaproot City is a city located in east-central Kanji. The locale lies south of the Kuro Caverns and east of the Power Plant.

Official DescriptionEdit

"Snaproot City is extremely lively both day and night making it one of the busiest cities in Kanji. It is home to many corporate establishments as well as a few manufacturing factories. The city also hosts the occasional festival for citizens to cut loose and have a good time.

The Business District is jam packed with massive skyscrapers ranging from pretty damn tall to "Holy shit that's tall!". Though heavily populated, the district is kept very clean thanks to the exceptional waste management. Found in this area is the SciLabs HQ where many Trainer items are researched and produced. Attached to their public outlet which sells many of their goods is the Evolution Laboratory. While most of the lab is off limits, they offer the Fossil Restoration System as a paid service for Trainers that want their fossils to be brought back to life.

At the foot at the Klein Underwear and Lingerie Corporation is the Snaproot City Memorial Park. Despite how landlocked the city is, the park is quite spacious. Humans and Pokémon alike are commonly seen partaking in recreation. Located in the park is a huge hedge maze. Located inside is the city's Gym. However, it will be completely vacant unless a Trainer makes an appointment with the busy Gym Leader Henry Klein.

Close to the edge of town if the SRC International Airport. One of the largest in the world, it is an airport city and in itself is larger than many towns. With many hotels and restaurants, visitors from all over the world can get the five star treatment if they have the cash for it. Though its size can be intimidating, SRC is quite customer friendly with reasonably priced economy seats.

The Residential District is formed by high-rise concrete buildings with many successful businessmen living in luxury condos. Those with financial needs take refuge in small cramp apartments and pay rent. While small suburban houses exist, they are very few and far between. Due to the high cost of living, having a decent lifestyle here is going to cost a pretty penny."

Places of InterestEdit

  • Snaproot City Gym
  • SciLabs HQ
  • SRC International Airport
  • Snaproot City Memorial Park

Other Stores and LocationsEdit



Name OriginEdit

  • Snaproot is a combination of the words snapdragon and root.

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