Official Description

"Located in the center of Kanji, the Silent Forest is one of the most well known areas of the region. With a diameter of ten hectares, the terrain is a mixture of plain lowlands and some varying slopes. The multiple breeds of trees located the area towers over its vicinity giving the forest a somewhat dark look from these titan's shadows. In addition to the state of almost constant dimness, the trees act as large shades, giving the atmosphere a perpetual cool and balmy state. Because of the cool and comfortable area, trees are not the only plant life present in this area. Plenty of orchids tend to grow in the fertile soil and moss tends to grow over random rocks, old trees, and random patches of dirt and tend to be quite slippery when wet. The wide selection of trees include those that produce a variety of Berries and Apricorns. Small branching streams can also be located within the forest. While these streams are not large enough to house a large enough to house strictly Water-Type Pokémon, there are a good amount of amphibious Pokémon living in this woodland. On the outskirts of the forest is Professor Bonsai’s Pokémon Laboratory meaning that there are usually a large amount of fledgeling Pokémon Trainers and Coordinators traveling through.

The forest gets its name for a good reason. The trees are positioned in such a way that sound is absorbed rather quickly, making so that one can only hear a short distance from their current location. In addition to the lack of noise, there have been plenty of reports where people have gone missing and never found. Sometimes, the forest is covered by a thick fog that spans across its entire vicinity. There is an urban legend that the ominous Pokémon Darkrai steals careless visitors away in the black of night. While theses rumors have not been proven, there is no need to worry as there is a handful of forest rangers that live in the forest to help those in their range of operation.

The most common families of Pokémon that dwell in this huge patch of land are Grass, Bug, and Normal-types Pokémon. Many of the forest's natural inhabitants are calm and peaceful, but there are a handful of hostile breeds. In addition, some wild Pokémon are known to attack if threatened or provoked. The new Trainers that pass through are advised to watch their actions and not do anything careless."



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