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"The Shinrei Caverns are part of a large cave system that arcs in multiple paths and ultimately connect to the Kuro Caverns. The exterior of the cave is a tall steep mountain with only minor plant life surrounding it, save for an abundance of moss. Once inside, it plain to see that there are many parts of this network that have still yet to be explored, but some paths are closed down for safety purposes. The pathway that connects the Shinrei and Kuro Caverns are lighted by tunnel torches to guide travelers. Travelers are welcome to explore the network, and those that are stupid enough to bypass the closed paths travel at their own risk with possible high cliffs and unpredictable trap holes along the way. Notable markings of the cave walls include blast marks where walls have been taken and the occasional ancient markings from civilization's past. To this day, there are some markings that have not been deciphered.

Some breeds of wild Pokémon tend to stay away from the main path, but more can be easily found in the branching paths. Some routes lead to sunlit open air enclosures where many wild Pokémon are known to gather, but it is still recommended that travelers bring some sort of reliable form of light with them. There is also a hidden body of water that can commonly be heard trickling throughout the walls coupled with the dripping of stalactites.

The cool and comfy ecosystem of the Shinrei Caverns makes it an ideal home for the Pokémon that live inside its walls, with it mainly being inhabited by a large amount of Psychic-type Pokémon, a good amount of Rock and Steel-types, and the occasional Dark-type. It is unknown why there is a domination of Psychic-types, but some field researchers say that they are attracted by unique yellow limestone in the cave. It is not uncommon to find scientists and researchers examining the area, trying to learn more about its enigmatic design and mysteries."



Name OriginEdit

  • Shinrei is Japanese for "mind" written in Romaji.

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