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Official DescriptionEdit

"Sendler City is popular for being a very industrialized town full of factories. This city produces majority of manufactured goods in Lire (And a good amount of those in Kanji), from textiles to chemicals. Sendler has a large land being occupied by said factories and apartments. Contrary to what one might think of an industrial town like this, Sendler is a very clean area thanks to the Poison Pokémon that live here. They feed on the pollution emitted by the factories, leaving the air fresh and clean.

Smack dab in the middle of the Factory District is the Battle Factory, one of Lire's Sub-Frontiers. Those that think they can stand up to Factory Foreman Nigel Bates must brave the multi-room facility and defeat five factory workers with a three Rental Pokémon out of a rotating selection of five each time. If you can survive this challenge the Foreman, you can earn yourself a Stamp on your Battle Pass and be one step closer to the Battle Frontier.

The Lire Police Department Headquarters is can also be found near the Factory District. Many of Lire's most vicious criminals are locked up here resulting in Sendler City having the most active police regimen in the region. A word of the wise, put your trash in a trash can and recyclables in the recycling bin.

A large Arceus Shrine can be seen on top of a hill on the east side of town. The tranquil area around the shrine is a quiet and peaceful place watched over by Sou Mairoku, the Sendler City Gym Leader. With elaborate rock gardens and a small stream of trickling water, this is a wonderful area to relax. Gym battles take place outside the shrine with the large statue of Arceus staring down at the fighters. Trainers must take care not to ruin the area or Sou will have you working to repair it regardless if you defeat him or not.

At the foot of Shrine Hill is the Residential District where the populace is packed tightly in apartments. With roads being narrow. It is common to get around on foot or by bike, conveniently sold at the neighborhood Transportation Depot."

Places of InterestEdit

  • Sendler City Gym
  • Battle Factory
  • Shrine Hill
  • Lire Police Department HQ

Other Stores and LocationsEdit

  • Flemming Chemicals and Pharmaceuticals



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