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Joseph Babbage


Steven Breakout

SciLabs is the leading manufacturer of Pokémon technology and holds the patent for Apricorn replication. It is this company that develops the most commercially used Poké Balls as well as most of the commonly used Trainer tools.

In addition to creating the Porygon Family, SciLabs is researching the creation and development of further digital artificial intelligence, organisms, and structures.

There are three main divisions of SciLabs, Trainer Resources, Biological Studies, and Digital Development.

Notable Products and Creations

  • Poké Balls
  • PokéDex
  • PokéWatch and PokéWatch 2.0
  • EXP Share
  • The Porygon Family
  • Up-Grade
  • Dubious Disc
  • Aura Alert

Notable Employees

Notable Former Employees

Joseph Babbage (Founder) - [Deceased]


Name Origin

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