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Official DescriptionEdit

"The Sabaku Desert is a truly miserable place. The temperature is incredibly hot and bright during the day with little to no shade. At night, things completely shift, going to freezing temperatures and stronger, more wild wind. Regardless of the time of day, the desert winds produce natural sandstorms which are quite vicious to creatures that are not suited for this habitat.

Outside of the general hostile atmosphere, the Sabaku Desert can be seen as a beautiful sand wonderland with various rock formations scattered across the landscape that looks like some sort of small islands over a vast sea. Additionally, deep within its ground are large mineral deposits of ores, minerals, and metals. A stark contrast from the desert is the Oasis, a lush green patch with a surplus of water. A small village like establishment made most of tents can be found near one half of the water body. The other side is a prime spot for encountering Wild Pokémon as many of them stop by the Oasis for a drink.

The desert is also home to its fair share of thugs that often prey on travelers to make a living, either straight up stealing from them or by selling necessities for ludicrous costs. Because of this, it is common to run into mercenaries and bounty hunters. In fact, the well hidden Handyman Guild is an organization based in the desert that caters specifically in apprehending criminals as well as contracting labor and odd jobs for clients.

Finally, deep within the desert is the ruins of a large and mighty tower. Though they are mostly hidden by the sand at this point, nobody truly knows what this establishment was, where it came from, and who built it. Some Ruin Maniacs investigate it to this day."



  • The Sabaku Desert was originally known as simply "The Desert".
  • The Sabaku Desert is also inspired by "The Great Kanto Desert" from the Desert Punk manga series.
  • The Atmospheric Music for this location is called "People Everyday" from the Trigun anime series.

Name OriginEdit

  • Sabaku is Japanese for "desert" written in Romaji.

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