Romansu Town


"Water and Love Are One"

Gym Details

Elena Rawson - Normal-type


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Romansu Town is a town located in north Kanji. It is one of the only towns accessible by ferry.

Official Description

"This port town is famous for its high marriage and coupling rate, giving it the nickname "The Town of Love". With lots of places for couples to spend time with one another and having one of the largest Valentine's Day celebrations in the world, Romansu Town is an ideal getaway for any pair.

Near the seaside of the town is Lovers Point, a tall cliff overlooking the town's beach. From the point you can also clearly see the lights of the small and yet busy town as it illuminates during the night. Not too far from the cliff is the large seaport. With many cargo or transport ships coming in and out on a regular basis, the port is one of the most active parts of the town. Not too far from the shipyard is the Single's Bar which is a good place to visit if you intend to find the one who is connected to your red string of fate.

You’d be surprise to how big this town’s market district is. While it has your average PokéMart, there is also a store specializing in transportation, and a Poffin House making Romansu a must visit area for any aspiring Trainer or Coordinator. Located near the Market District is a small park where the Romansu Town Gym resides. Behind its heart shaped doors is a large indoor baseball diamond with a medium sized Pokémon arena. If the Gym Leader, Elena Rawnson, is not in the middle of practicing her pitch, she will happily let you battle her Normal-type team.

This circular shaped town has the Residential District at its core with a a clutter of suburban houses packed close to each other. This is done to maximize space and to make getting to the rest of town faster. By walking around this circle district, getting to the street you need takes no time at all and the rest of the town expands accordingly based on the expanded diameter."

Places of Interest

  • Romansu Town Gym
  • Lover's Point
  • Single's Bar

Other Stores and Locations



Name Origin

  • Romansu is Japanese for "romance" written in Romaji.

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