Rilford Town


"A Dusty Sand Bowl of Hope"

Gym Details

"One Eye" Kelly - Ground-type


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Rilford Town is a town located in southwest Kanji. The locale lies west of the Sabaku Desert and east of Mt. Kazan.

Official DescriptionEdit

"Located on the outskirts of the vicious Sabaku Desert, Rilford Town is still a desolate place. Originally a popular trading post, this area grew into a town as it became a common resting spot for travelers that survive the desert. Today, the town's economy is based off of ranching, fur sales, and oil drilling. Rilford Town is also the only rest stop before reaching the edge of the region and the volcano that rests there.

Built as a large rectangle, the Town Center is home to the shops, saloon, Town Hall, jail, and inn. There are three streets in this town, each being wide enough to allow the relatively safe travel of a herd of stampeding Tauros. Speaking of Pokémon in the streets, the residents steer away from conventional methods of transportation, riding Pokémon instead with the most popular being the Ponyta family.

Located next to the jail is the town's Gym lead by Sheriff "One Eye" Kelly. The inside is very underwhelming. As opposed to the usual glamor of normal Gyms, the Sheriff instead opted for a small building with a floor of sand. Large rocks lie scattered amongst the arena which combined with the semi-solid footing can be difficult for speedy Pokémon to run on. Spectators can sit in the bleachers on the second floor that lines the walls.

The residents tend to live away from the Town Center and are instead located about a mile or two from the hustle and bustle. Here, many of them manage their ranches with the big shots having massive plots of lands with mansions to boot. The average citizen lives in a moderately sized house made up of wood and sand stone, some even lack plumbing due to the limited amount of water."

Places of InterestEdit

  • Rilford Town Gym
  • Old Bart's Bar and Saloon

Other Stores and LocationsEdit

  • Kanji Starter Breeding Ranch



Name OriginEdit

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