Power Plant

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"The region of Kanji has required large amounts of electric power for over three hundred years which led to the creation of this Power Plant, a single plot of land that provides almost half of the region's total power supply. The whole facility is made up by three large buildings, connected by long hallways. While originally only featuring outdoor water turbines being turned by an artificial waterfall, the Power Plant has since expanded into a multi-outlet facility composted of water, wind, solar, and steam generated electricity. For the most part, the plant is fully automated, but there are a few government employees that oversee the area as well as a good amount of security guards to keep tabs on the establishment. The general public is allowed to explore inside the facility as numerous breeds of Electric-type Pokémon have taken residence inside its boundaries. Many parts of the Power Plant are restricted including the plant's heart, the roof, and the solar farm. Additionally, the indoor portion of the Power Plant is off limits to the public after night falls.

The Power Plant is indeed a marvelous structure for anyone to behold with many a building maniac flipping out upon seeing the compound. To an electrician and to a tech nerd, this is a heaven of gadgets and wiring galore with a collection of large turbines and bulbs sprinkled throughout the area acting as both machines for energy production and lampposts for employees after dark. Connected to the artificial waterfall is a small stream which some Pokémon have populated. While the water is usually contained well, it is sometimes known to splash out, conducting electricity in the process. Day and night, the area is filled with the sounds of whirring machines, pumping, broiling, and steaming like a symphony of mechanical splendor. The large tubes coming off of the main building occasionally emits a thick steam, giving off a deep whistle in the process.

The sheer amount of energy produced by the Power Plant has attracted a copious amount of Electric-type Pokémon in the area. There are very few Pokémon inside the buildings with the security working very hard to contain the creatures to the outdoors. Some of the employees see the Pokémon as a insistence while others do not mind their company. Regardless, Trainers are welcome to battle and capture wild Pokémon on Power Plant property as long as is it kept outside the facility and that no collateral damage is produced. Damages caused from battling will be taken from the Trainers responsible."



  • The Atmospheric Music for this location is called "Oden" from the Pokémon anime series.
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