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The Pokémon League is the official group that organizes competitions for registered Pokémon Trainers.

In order to participate in regional competitions, one must acquire all eight of a region's of Gym Badges signifying the defeat of that region's Gym Leaders.

Types of competitionsEdit

Gym ChallengesEdit

Trainers can travel around their region to challenge Pokémon Gyms and the Gym Leaders within. Each Gym Leader gives a badge to the victor upon defeat. Trainers must collect eight Gym Badges in order to qualify for the Elite Four Challenge. All eight badges must come from the same region as mix and matching eight badges of different regions is not allowed.

Kanji Gym Leaders

Gym Leader Location Type Badge


Dr. Richard Stone

Glystone City Rock

Th HandaBadge

Handa Badge

Half Vest

Elena Rawson

Romansu Town Normal

Th SukimariBadge

Sukimari Badge


Raymond Orr

Dawndry Town Fire

Th KasaiBadge

Kasai Badge


Henry Klein

Snaproot City Grass

Th SoriBadge

Sori Badge


Sir Safer Ridefort

Inequius Town Dragon

Th HoriBadge

Hori Badge


Mizuna Summers

Cassion Islands Water

Th UmihinBadge

Umihin Badge


"One Eye" Kelly

Rilford Town Ground

Th ArenoBadge

Areno Badge


Wu Akuma

Kurai City Ghost

Th AshimeBadge

Ashime Badge

Lire Gym Leaders

Gym Leader Location Type Badge



Ouest City Fighting

Enseigne Badge

Enseigne Badge


Jean-Henri Papillon

Kidi Town Bug

Punaise Badge

Punaise Badge


Anya Frost

Jos Town Ice

Diamant Badge

Diamant Badge


DJ Zappy Zap

Bal City Electric

Courant Badge

Courant Badge


Dustin Skylar

Langer City Flying

Aile Badge

Aile Badge


Darvulia Non

Apel Town Dark

Noir Badge

Noir Badge


Sou Mairoku

Sendler City Poison

Chimie Badge

Chimie Badge


Luce Geno

Nouveau City Steel

Avenir Badge

Rousse Badge

The Elite Four ChallengeEdit

Qualifying Trainers may battle each member of the Elite Four along with the reigning Champion for a chance to become the Champion themselves and to be invited into the Hall of Fame.

Kanji and Lire share a single Elite Four and Champion that meet on the other side of Victory Road.

Elite Four

Name Rank Type


Travis Aguna

Number One Water


Lindsay Mallow

Number Two Flying


Harry Alistair

Number Three Psychic


Lady Anna Ridefort

Number Four Dragon

Champion Blaze

Cinder Driftwood

Champion Various

Miscellaneous TournamentsEdit

The Official Trainer RankingsEdit

Trainer Organizations

Pokémon League | Battle Frontier | Pokémon Contest Society

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