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"When United, We Prevail"

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Ouest City is a city located in west Lire. The locale lies south of the Miasmal Swampland.

Official DescriptionEdit

"Ouest City is divided into four districts. The Commerce District, is the central location the of business and economics of the city. From here, you can see slightly high-rise buildings which house the enterprises of the city. Men and women tend to be dressed in business casual around here as if they are always set for a meeting. Though the Commerce District's sidewalks are always busy with commotion, walking will be your best way to get around due to the heavy traffic of taxis. Probably, the main attraction of this district is the grand Ouest City National Bank, Lire's heavily guarded central bank and print. It is a tall concrete building with large glass thickly tinted windows. It only has three entrances which are the following: one from the back door, one from the main door and one from the rooftop for the helipad.

Next is the Shopping District. This area is filled with small boutiques and the massive Ouest City Department Store. Ladies are usually going about this area looking for the best bargain for clothes and grocery goods that their family may need. The Department Store is a five-story building that sells almost everything that you need for your adventures. From Potions and Poké Balls and TMs to PokéWatch apps, they have everything you will need and more.

The city's main attraction is its Gym District, different gyms and dojos of martial arts have been erected here over time. Each gym specializes in a certain fighting style, from tae kwon do to judo. In the city is the pearl of the oyster, Coach’s Gym. It's large three story facility has humans and Pokémon alike practicing the "champion's" sport, boxing. In addition to being where Pokémon are trained, the first floor also acts as Coach's Gym arena. It's a must visit for all aspiring champions.

Found on the outskirts of town is the Residential District. Plenty of private households of different sizes can be seen here. It is rare to see small households here due to the large job opportunity in the city. This district also holds the city park where the majority of this community’s children spend their time. It is also a good place to hold practice battles since it has a very wide open space."

Places of InterestEdit

  • Ouest City Gym
  • Ouest City Department Store
  • Ouest City National Bank
  • World Tournament Stadium

Other Stores and LocationsEdit



Name OriginEdit

  • Ouest is French for West.
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