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Official DescriptionEdit

"Use the word advanced and you are outdated The right word to describe Nouveau City would be cutting-edge. This city is known to have the most amount of technology in one place. Research firms such as SciLabs and VisionTech have locations here and are making all sorts of gadgets and gizmos. Nouveau City also has a dense populace, easily organized by the city's genius monorail and moving sidewalk systems.

Other than being the center of technology, Nouveau City is home to the headquarters of WLRE, Lire's top television and radio broadcasters. Covering all of the best news and events, WLRE is where the citizens of Lire turn to find out about what is happening in the world. They also have a dedicated radio station and television channel for major Pokémon battles complete with professional play by plays.

Standing in contrast to the bright neon wonders of the city is Luce Geno's Gym. A moderate building of black tinted glass, those who step inside can't help but me taken back. The elaborate design of Vid Screens and conveyor belts mixed the melodic hums and whirs of machinery make it a sight for sore eyes. Opponents must fight on the polished chrome arena atop the flight of escalators.

Another popular Trainer attraction is the Battle Dome. Always covered by WLRE, the Dome's challenge is a single elimination tournament. If you are lucky to be one of the either Trainers to compete, you are rewarded with the sounds of screaming fans, sportscasters, blaring horns, snack vendors, and annoying vuvuzelas. The winner gets to fight Dome Champion Kane Ekard. Defeat him and get a stamp for your Battle Pass.

In the business district, SciLabs has a small an outlet store open to the public This quaint shop sells many of the expensive SciLab Trainer Gear including the PokéWatch 2.0! If you want to get ahead of the rest, you must get something from here."

Places of InterestEdit

  • Nouveau City Gym
  • Battle Dome
  • WLRE Studios

Other Stores and LocationsEdit

  • VisionTech HQ



Name OriginEdit

  • Nouveau is French for "new".

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