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Official DescriptionEdit

"This volcanic mountain range is one of the most important landmarks in all of Kanji. In addition to being responsible for the separation of Kanji and Lire in the ancient days, its second eruption is what taught the two nations to work together for a greater good. Though it has not erupted for some time, there is still a possibility that it can go off at any moment, raining down catastrophe among the land. The skies here are always dark and filled with thick white smoke. Sometimes, grey soot will rain from the heavens, produced by Mt. Kazan's towering mountain. There are extremely small crevices around the mountain exterior and it is possible to see a moat of molten magma in the interior of the mountain if they care to look. The closer they are to the lava source, the more the temperature in this area is becomes unbearable for normal humans. Proper gear and protection is required to explore this area in great detail.

There are hot geysers sprinkled across the land in various shapes and sizes. They will periodically let off great amounts of built up steam. Near a small amount of these geysers are boiling ponds of hot spring water. The water of the hot springs is sterile thanks to the temperature and boast natural healing capabilities. This area also is victim random light, but very seldom is there a serious earthquake. Regardless, the whole area is a majestic home for Fire-Type Pokémon and those that could resist the heat and the flames of this place.

Majority of the surface area of Mount Kazan is made up of granite and igneous rocks. The ground is mostly secured and can easily be walked on. This area has naturally formed paths created from cooled up lava and frequent Trainer visits, especially those that camp out in order to train in the extreme conditions. Soil is pretty uncommon in the are with vegetation being scarce. There are a handful of rangers dispatched and patrolling around the area, ready to help evacuate both humans and Pokémon in case of another eruption. Mt. Kazan is equal parts deadly and beautiful."



Name OriginEdit

  • Kazan is Japanese for "volcano" written in Romaji.

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