Mr. Boss
Th MrBoss
"CEO of Life Inc."



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Mr. Boss is the son of God. Yes, THE God. When the old man was ready to retire, he gave all of his godly responsibilities to his son. Basically, for the past twenty five years, Mr. Boss has been regulating life itself, making sure it is kept safe and in order. Some would think that giving a responsibility like that to a "kid" would be one of the stupidest moves in all of history, but believe it or now, Mr. Boss is hundreds of years old and has witnessed many of the universe's happiest and most depressing of times.

Without the fatherly nurture of creating everything, Mr. Boss is very nonchalant about the way he uses his powers. Though he might seem carefree, Mr. Boss is actually a hard worker and balances business and pleasure quite well, but to be frank, he would be WAY more overworked without his personal assistants, the Lords in Training, Jangly and Jacci.

You might have met Mr. Boss at one point, but did not realize it was him or your memory was wiped clean of all recollection. He hates being worshiped and does not go out of his way to answer prayers, but when the world does need him, he will be there in an instant to set things right.

Known Powers and AbilitiesEdit

  • Flight
  • Fluent in all languages
  • Levitation
  • Memory Wiping
  • Phasing
  • Super Strength
  • Telekinesis
  • Teleportation
  • Time Stopping
  • Utilization of Hammerspace