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"In the south eastern edge of Kanji is a remote body of water. Loch Mizu is a gigantic naturaly formed lake with an extreme depth. At the floor of the water is an odd amount of salt deposits, allowing for a strange combination of fresh and salt water fish Pokémon to co-exist in a single habitat. Surrounding the main water are a small amount of fresh water ponds. With the large amount of water in the vacinity, Loch Mizu is the number one spot in Kanji for fishermen. There is even a sports shack that rents fishing rods for Poke-dollar 100 and boats for Poke-dollar 500. Tough they are extremely rare, occasionaly a Wailord will rise from the water to breathe. When a Wailord sprays water out of their blowhole, it will temporarily cause rain in the area.

Loch Mizu isn's all water though. The land around the lake are a mix of plains and small hills. There are many patches of long grass as well as various rock formations, bushes, and trees. This mass of plantlife is home to a wide array of Pokémon, giving Trainers that find fishing too boring an opportunity to hunt and battle. However, the Kanji Conservation Society owns a small portion of the land and has forbid such actions on their grounds. Breaking these rules can trigger legal action so it is recommended that Trainers fully know where they are before attempting to battle.

Because the Loch is so far away from nearby cities, it is an ideal vacationing spot. Local forests make for great camping areas and because of this, a small community has formed. Though not large enough to be recognized as a town, there are a couple of hotels that provide lodging for tourists, a first aid center that treats humans and Pokémon alike, a Kanji Conservation Society headquarters, and a few standard shops. In addition to all of this is a small police outpost which works in tandem with some lake rangers to make sure that the law is upheld and that the land is kept safe from any harm that might befall it."



  • Loch Mizu Was originally known as "The Pond". This was changed when it was pointed out that a single Wailord could not fit in a pond.
  • The Atmospheric Music for this location is the theme of Pewter City from the Pokémon anime series.

Name OriginEdit

  • Muzu is Japanese for "water" written in Romaji.

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