A map of the Pokémon Voyage regions, Kanji and Lire.

The Lire region is a region of the Voyage world. It is located west of Kanji. It was the first region to be introduced.

Professor Maple is the resident Pokémon professor and gives Pokémon Trainers a choice between Chikorita, Cyndaquil, Totodile, Turtwig, Chimchar, and Piplup as their starter Pokémon.

Etymology and design conceptEdit

Kanji was the second region available in the Pokémon Voyage chain. While Kanji was based on the world of Pokémon Region, Lire was designed so that many of the traits of that mother site could be transfered, thus allowing Kanji to be a more original region. Due to this, the Miasmal Swampland, Safari Zone, and Abandoned Studio were relocated and the Dragon's Den was brought over.

Lire is French, meaning "to read".


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Cities and TownsEdit

Name Description
Ouest City The capital of Lire filled with huge skyscrapers and many different stores. This city is also famous for creating some of the most well known fighters and Fighting-type Trainers in the world.
Kidi Town A small town situated on the edge of the Bois Forest that is frequently visited by travelers as a pit stop. It is a relaxing residential area and is a common retirement destination.
Jos Town A port city that deals heavily in fishing and freight transportation. In addition, there is a plethora of things to do and see in regards to entertainment including theater performances and live sports games.
Bal City With an intense nightlife scene, Bal City is a town of music, dancing, and partying. It's carefree and optimistic vibe is highly contagious and can put a smile on even the most stoic of men.
Langer City This rural town is situated in one of the windiest locations in all of Lire. With an army of windmills, Langer Citty is one of the region's biggest clean energy providers.
Apel Town Vast and fruitful farmland makes up most of this quiet town's landscape. A surplus of crops and dairy make it one of the most important agricultural locations, providing for both regions.
Sendler City One of the centers heavy industrialization filled with factorizes that manufacture a wide variety of good. Despite all of the pollution its factories create, the city is nearly spotless thanks to hungry Poison-type Pokémon.
Nouveau City The world's center of cutting edge technology and entertainment. Nouveau screams new in every meaning of the word from its moving sidewalks and sleek metal buildings to its roller coaster like monorail system.
Avenir City When it comes to exploring the outer reaches of space and beyond, the citizens Avenir City will be there. Built around the Lire Space Exploration and Administration, this city is a hub for astronomers and scientists alike.
Wisroot Town Built in the treetops of an ancient forest, Wisroot Town stays away from large amounts of advanced technology and pollution. This backwater town is a nice change of pace for the tired soul.

Wild LocationsEdit

Thumbnail Name Description
Forest Bois Forest
Lake Lake Colere
Ruins Enigma Ruins
Safari-Zone Safari Zone
Dojo Abandoned Studio
Islands Mousse Islands
Den Dragon's Den
Mountain Mt. Mouche
Swamplands Miasmal Swampland

Pokémon League/Sub-FrontierEdit

Gym LeadersEdit

Gym Leader Location Type Badge



Ouest City Fighting

Enseigne Badge

Enseigne Badge


Jean-Henri Papillon

Kidi Town Bug

Punaise Badge

Punaise Badge


Anya Frost

Jos Town Ice

Diamant Badge

Diamant Badge


DJ Zappy Zap

Bal City Electric

Courant Badge

Courant Badge


Dustin Skylar

Langer City Flying

Aile Badge

Aile Badge


Darvulia Non

Apel Town Dark

Noir Badge

Noir Badge


Sou Mairoku

Sendler City Poison

Chimie Badge

Chimie Badge


Luce Geno

Nouveau City Steel

Avenir Badge

Rousse Badge


Name Location


Nigel Bates

Battle Factory

(Sendler City)


Kane Ekard

Battle Castle

(Nouveau City)


Locations of Lire
Cities and Towns

Ouest City | Kidi Town | Jos Town | Bal City | Langer City | Apel Town | Sendler City | Nouveau City | Avenir City | Wisroot Town

Wild Locations

Bois Forest | Lake Colere | Enigma Ruins | Safari Zone | Abandoned Studio | Mousse Islands | Dragon's Den | Mt. Mouche | Miasmal Swampland