"17 floors. The legendaries at the very top, and 16 guards, one guard for every other floor. Can you get to the top, find the hidden door, and maybe catch a legendary Pokémon of your own?"

The Tower's LegendEdit

"At the time Mewtwo had escaped from Giovanni's clutches and erased his memory, he thought of another hiding place. A place where legendary could live or hide. Using his psychic powers, he built a huge tower and created Pokemon clones like he had done when he believed clones were stronger than real Pokemon. The clones were to guard the tower from any trainers, and anyone who got through the Pokemon guards would prove that they were kind and powerful enough to meet the legendaries. After passing the guards, the trainer would have another test: Battle a legendary and try to defeat or catch it."



  • When Generation IV was announced, Lucario was only obtainable on Pokémon Region in the Legend's Tower.