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Official DescriptionEdit

"This city is known for its ferocious winds. Tough these turbulence may seem inconvenient to some, the residents found a way to maximize its potential. They erected a large windmill out of wood and brick on the north side of town which has supplied a large part of Langer City's power for generations. Recently, this large windmill has started being remodeled to be sturdier, provide more power, and to lengthen the life of this landmark. As the city grew, the amount of power produced was boosted by the addition of small wind turbines on the city's hills.

This city's Gym is a massive auditorium where pop sensation and Gym Leader Dustin Skylark preforms concerts and Gym Battles for his masses of (mostly female) fans. The large stage is open air with all the lighting actually being detached from the platform which allows Flying Pokémon nearly limitless mobility. There are two small sections of the bleachers reserved for V.I.P.s and for the challenger's party. While Skylark's concerts take up most of the auditorium's performances, it is not uncommon for other musicians and comedians to preform shows at the venue.

This city also hosts a small airport with only three flights per week. Located outside the airport's grounds is the Market District where the Pokémon Center and the PokéMart can be found. Coordinators will also find interest in the small Contest Shop which sells all sorts of Contest specific goods.

Like any other city, it has a Residential District. The architecture is pretty dated with residents living in cottages along the hills with wooden walls and tiles roofs. However, there are also some more modern housing designs, but they tend to look a little awkward in the mix. Needless to say, the heritage of this town is heavily displayed from the windmill to the cobblestone streets."

Places of InterestEdit

  • Langer City Gym
  • Grand Windmill

Other Stores and LocationsEdit

  • Wahoo! Tacos



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