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Official DescriptionEdit

"Lake Colere is a large lake near both the sea and Apel Town. It's not an ideal source of nourishment because the water is fairly salty, but it is not exactly salt water. It is home to breeds of both fresh and salt Water-type Pokémon. In the northern part of water's body, is a natural wall of stone that protects the inland from completely merging with the outside sea. The rest of the lake is surrounded by sandbanks so bringing your own boat can be a little difficult. Don't fret, a local rental shop will rent fishing rods for Poke-dollar 100 and boats for Poke-dollar 500. The water is around twenty feet deep near the center and gets more shallow as it approaches the bank. The bed of ground in this lake is a mixture of sand, loamy soil, large smooth rocks, seaweed, and sea grass.

Apart from the water, Lake Colere features a flat plains are. While most Pokémon gravitate towards the beach area, some breeds only live out in the trees, tall grass, and bushes. In the area that moves towards the sea, there are some paths that lead a few cliffs and caves. They are a common area visited by lusty lovers.

Lake Colere is one of Lire's hottest vacation destinations. Many travelers will take advantage of the fishing and hiking spots while some will lounge about and soak up some sun. Some retired couples have even taken residence along the west side of the water. The land and part of the water of this area is sectioned off and reserved for residents, free from the hustle and bustle of the public grounds."



Name OriginEdit

  • Colere is French for "anger".

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