Official DescriptionEdit

"The Kuro Caverns are part of a large cave system that arcs in multiple paths and ultimately connect to the Shinrei Caverns. The wide exterior of the cave is made up of many pointed rocks and high rising trees. The surface outside the caves are part soil and gray sand making it unfit for decent plant life. Once inside, it can be noted that this portion of the network is pretty rough in nature with jagged paths. However, the pathway that connects the Kuro and Shinrei Caverns are lighted by tunnel torches to guide travelers. The other paths are not lit whatsoever and it is not advised that travelers stray away.

The vast majority of this system has not been charted, but it is known that the tunnels are filled with many stones of varying sizes that are harder, heavier, and more difficult to break than normal rocks. In addition to theses stones, there are unexpected pits and vicious Pokémon. In one of the branching paths is a collection of water that seeps from behind a wall that halts a hidden stream. Around the gathering is a good amount of the wild mushrooms that lie scattered around the cavern, providing nourishment to its inhabitants.

The rock deposits have attracted large amounts of Rock, Steel, and Ground-type Pokémon. It is common for Pokémon to attack Trainers, even in the lit path. However, the wild Pokémon of the Kuro Caverns stay away from the network's transition into the Shinrei Caverns, the reason for this is unknown to this day. Many researchers believe that there is some sort of internal fued between both area's Pokémon."



Name OriginEdit

  • Kuro is Japanese for "black" written in Romaji.

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