Kurai City


"A Metropolis of Metal and Stone"

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"Wu Akuma - Ghost-type


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Kurai City is a city located in southwest Kanji. The locale lies south of the Sabaku Desert and west of Inequius Town.

Official DescriptionEdit

"This massive city is known to have the highest amount of crime in Lire and Kanji Combined. Some say it is due to corruption and greed of many officers and politicians while others blame the large corporations for being such easy targets for gangs and thugs. This city has the largest task force of police in the region, making the task of purging the force of the corrupt a difficult task.

Despite this, Kurai City has a healthy Business District that is well and complete with a Department Store that sells anything a Trainer needs. This district also has a variety of other businesses including warehouses, corporate offices, and research facilities. Common folk will want to keep away from this area at night as its high concentration of valuables and important documents making it the number one crime area in the city. However, lately there has been rumors of a mysterious figure that has slowly been taking down large quantities of criminals.

Most of the city's residents live in apartments or duplexes, but there are many run down abandoned buildings in the Residential District. Among them is a seemingly deserted haunted house that few actually believe is the city's Gym. This building, coated with cobwebs and dust is filled with all sorts of contraptions that will spring fake ghosts and ghouls at you, but what most people don't realize is that they breathed in a small, non lethal dose of hallucination gas at the entrance. Once you get past the cheesy effects, the gas starts to kick in. This is where the Gym Leader Wu Akuma's Ghost Pokémon have their fun. The rest of your journey to the moonlit arena will be sure to scare your pants off.

Some other attractions in this Pandora's Box of a city include the city's park, zoo, clock tower, and art museum. So as long as you don't venture off into the night, you will have a somewhat and fun trip."

Places of InterestEdit

  • Kurai City Gym
  • Kurai City Department Store
  • Kanji Police Department HQ

Other Stores and LocationsEdit



Name OriginEdit

  • Kurai is Japanese for "gloomy" written in Romaji.

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