Kidi Town


"Nestled Near the Forest"

Gym Details

Jean-Henri Papillon - Bug-type


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Kidi Town is a town located in south Lire. The locale lies west of Bal City and south of the Safari Zone.

Official DescriptionEdit

"Kidi Town or to some travelers, the Forest Town. This hamlet comfortably rests just outside the Bois Forest and is often used as a pit stop for travelers to restock and prepare themselves if ever they intend to pass through dense woods.

The Pokémon Center is erected near the path that links the forest with the town. This way, Trainers that come from inside the forest that are in dire need of assistance can immediately spot it. Conveniently placed next to the center is the PokéMart that sells Antidotes like hot cakes. Inside the town there is a small perfume boutique that sells a variety of fragrances that so that at least one appeals to everyone.

It's also hard to forget that Kidi Town is also home to the Bug-Type Gym lead by Jean-Henri Papillon. The Bug Enthusiast is one of the leading figures in the field of entomology. His Gym is popular for its architectural design. On tie outside, it appears to be inside of a tree while on the inside, there is a bare dirt and grass arena with logs benches and a couple of small trees inside on the battlefield. The inside is lit all naturally by a colony of Volbeat and Illumise that Jean-Henri has made a habitat for in the ceiling.

The Residential District of Kidi Town is lightly populated. Almost all of the locals know each other and can easily spot tourists. Unlike in large cities where houses are organized in streets and blocks, homes here are somewhat scattered and are slightly apart from one another. Residents who live here know how to find each others houses with ease, basing direction off of a large pole in the center of town with directions engraved on it."

Places of InterestEdit

  • Kidi Town Gym

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