A map of the Pokémon Voyage regions, Kanji and Lire.

The Kanji region is a region of the Voyage world. It is located east of Lire. It was the first region to be introduced.

Professor Bonsai is the resident Pokémon professor and gives Pokémon Trainers a choice between Bulbasaur, Charmander, Squirtle, Treecko, Torchic, or Mudkip as their starter Pokémon.

The government organization known as the Kanji Conservation Society is responsible for maintaining the region's wildlife and Pokémon habitats.

Etymology and design concept

Kanji Map4

The original map of Kanji.

was the first region available in the Pokémon Voyage chain. It was originally based on the world of Pokémon Region, a more fleshed out version of the world presented in the Pokémon video games and anime. While named after a the Japanese writing system, the original design of the region was a styalized version of the hirigana symbol "To". The purpose of the U shape was to provide fast travel across the region via HM Surf.

When Kanji's sister region Lire was introduced in the jump to IPBFree, the geography of the region was changed into a more realistic and aesthetically pleasing shape.


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Cities and Towns

Name Description
Glystone City An archeological town filled with rare artifacts and many ancient secrets to be found. The town is home to many different museums and research facilities, all of which focus their time on finding out secrets of the past.
Romansu Town A town filled with love, ideal for couples to getaway and let loose. It is filled with many beaches, ports and rivers for any water Pokémon and fishing needs.
Dawndry Town A peaceful village filled with calming aromas and beautiful scenery. It is home to one of the most elite and prestigious schools in all of Kanji, the Three Types Academy.
Snaproot City One of the busiest cities in all of Kanji complete with towering skyscrapers, corporation headquarters, and laboratories. Though despite the hustle and bustle, this concrete jungle is kept clean and relatively relaxing.
Inequius Town Originally a medieval castle fort, Inequius Town has never truly left the middle ages. Due to being one of the oldest colonizations in all of Kanji, this town is filled with an extremely rich culture.
Cassion Islands A tropical island chain that is paradise on Earth with sun, surf and fun. A tourist location with plenty to do and plenty of free time to relax.
Rilford Town A desert oasis straight out of the wild west that makes perfect refuge from the Sabaku Desert. This town is home to many ranches that produce grade A meat and dairy products.
Kurai City One of the most crime-filled areas in all of Kanji with dirty buildings and sketchy people around every corner. Despite this, it is a thriving metropolis with unwavering business, making it an economic mega center.
Specshade City A large section of this old fashion village burned down many years ago and has been left untouched out of respect. Specshade City is also famous for its herbal remedies which can influence a Pokémon's happiness.
Hasikoor Town A small igloo community situated in a frozen wasteland. This town is victim to spontaneous and random weather that can often cause trouble for Trainers in its borders.

Wild Locations

Thumbnail Name Description
Forest Silent Forest
Ruins Shinrei Caverns
Cave Kuro Caverns
Power Plant Power Plant
Lake Loch Mizu
Volcano Mt. Kazan
Desert Sabaku Desert
Ice Caverns Icy Grotto
Ironwasteslo9 Iron Wasteland

Pokémon League/Sub-Frontier

Gym Leaders

Gym Leader Location Type Badge


Dr. Richard Stone

Glystone City Rock

Th HandaBadge

Handa Badge

Half Vest

Elena Rawson

Romansu Town Normal

Th SukimariBadge

Sukimari Badge


Raymond Orr

Dawndry Town Fire

Th KasaiBadge

Kasai Badge


Henry Klein

Snaproot City Grass

Th SoriBadge

Sori Badge


Sir Safer Ridefort

Inequius Town Dragon

Th HoriBadge

Hori Badge


Mizuna Summers

Cassion Islands Water

Th UmihinBadge

Umihin Badge


"One Eye" Kelly

Rilford Town Ground

Th ArenoBadge

Areno Badge


Wu Akuma

Kurai City Ghost

Th AshimeBadge

Ashime Badge


Name Location


Minna Harrison

Battle Ruins

(Glystone City)


Lady Regalia Windsor

Battle Castle

(Inequius Town)


Locations of Kanji
Cities and Towns

Glystone City | Romansu Town | Dawndry Town | Snaproot City | Inequius Town | Cassion Islands | Rilford Town | Kurai City | Specshade City | Hasikoor Town

Wild Locations

Silent Forest | Shinrei Caverns | Kuro Caverns | Power Plant | Loch Mizu | Mt. Kazan | Sabaku Desert | Icy Grotto | Iron Wasteland