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Official DescriptionEdit

"Jos Town is Lire's port city and is largest busiest towns in the whole region, so much so that with just a little more expansion, it could achieve city status. The primary source of income in this town is fishing and shipping. Many fishing boats built for large scale operations fill the harbor so that they can catch fish in the far seas and haul them back for mass trading. Jos Town is also well known for its seafood restaurants and Poffin House. This place is divided into three districts which are the Entertainment District, the Harbor Area and the Residential District.

Perhaps the busiest area of this town is the Port. Every day, chefs, collectors, residents, and travelers visit the market along the docks, getting there early to try to avoid the mid day rush. The Port is also teeming with travelers and hotels due to the many transportation ships that are coming and going. A few meters away from the bay, there are container hubs where cargo is loaded onto trucks and driven away to their buyers.

The Entertainment District is another high traffic area. This area is home to some of the greatest restaurants in the region and is a common stop for many tourists. Along with a theater that preforms Pokémon and human plays, the center of the district is Anya Frost's Gym and ice skating rink. Built like a large stadium, when there is not a battle in progress, the rink is commonly filled with a multitude of skaters practicing their moves. Some nights, it is the host of intense ice hockey games. The PokéMart is located at the point where the Port ends and the Entertainment District begins.

Last, but not least is the Residential District. This suburban area is home to the families of most of many fishermen, restaurant workers, and sailors. Also in the area is the Poffin House. It is frequented by the housewives of the community to cure some home stuck boredom. Any Trainer wishing to bake some tasty treats for their companions will definitely want to stoop by."

Places of InterestEdit

  • Jos Town Gym

Other Stores and LocationsEdit

  • Maxie's - A five star restaurant.



Name OriginEdit

  • Jos is a nod to American screenwriter and director Joss Whedon.

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