The Iso (short for Isolation) was designed by VisionTech to be the "ultimate punishment".


The device is made up of two large metallic spheres, the inner and outer chamber. The subject is placed into the inner chamber, usually handcuffed or with a straight jacket. The door seals itself over the subject, leaving only enough room to sit or lie down in a fetal position.

Once the inner chamber is closed, the outer chamber closes with roughly a foot of empty space between the two. This soundproofs the Iso.

Because the inner chamber is not lit and soundproofed, the Iso deprives the subject of their senses and starts to drive them to insanity.


With the exception of detention centers and military establishments, a handful of prisons have a single Iso unit. If an inmate gets out of hand and is not affected by normal disciplinary techniques, they will be sentenced to a half hour in Iso.

Administrators must be very careful with their sentences as it has been scientifically proven that two days in Iso can lead to mental illness while a week has made even the toughest of men become clinically insane. Because of this, it is illegal to leave someone in an Iso unit for over twenty four hours.

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