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"Unusable scrap metals and electronic wastes usually wind up in the Iron Wasteland. A dumping site managed by the Kanji Conservation Society as a Pokémon habitat. The cool and compact landscape makes a perfect home for Steel and Poison-types as well those with scavenger-like instincts. Burrowing Pokémon have actually drawn out water from deep within the soil, making the entire area cool and humid.

The scarp yard is where the bulk of disposed scrap metal is kept. It is carefully placed so as not to destroy established burrows and nests. It is common for wild Pokémon to use pieces of metal to create secure homes for their families, protecting them from the elements. Many of the sturdier breeds frequently wander about with little regard for their own safety, relying on their superb defense to protect them from harm. Rangers regularly patrol the area, managing the habitat and disciplining unruly visitors that disrupt the balance of the area.

As noted, this land is open to the public and is managed and maintained by the government organization, the Kanji Conservation Society. They have a headquarters set up near the center of the area so that they can react to any dangers as fast as possible. One of this branch's main priorities is to work with companies in their waste removals, helping them properly dispose of their scrap and trash in the most ecologically sound way that will also benefit the Pokémon living within the Iron Wasteland. Despite its appearance, this might be one of the most well organized habitats in the world."



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