Inequius Town


"Respecting the Past For the Safety of the Present"

Gym Details

Sir Safer Ridefort - Dragon-type


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Inequius Town is a town located in south Kanji. The locale lies east of the Kurai City, south of the Power Plant, and west of Loch Mizu.

Official DescriptionEdit

"Inequius Town is the majestic castle town left over from the Great War. Maintained as a sort of inhabitable museum, even the simple establishments like the Pokémon Center and the PokéMart have a very medieval design. The town is surrounded by a large moat with the only entrance being a large draw bride that only opens during the day. Inequius Town is a moderately populated town with a rich economy. Though royal families still exist, there are under five and they are not exempt from the law.

Owned and operated by Lady Regalia Windsor is the Battle Castle. Located in the center of town, it is the home to the royal families as well as one of the two Sub-Frontier Facilities in Kanji. Trainers wishing to earn a stamp on their Battle Pass must fight through seven Trainers. Before every round, the competitor will be able to purchase items from the Castle Shop to be used during the trial. Unlike the rest of the Sub-Frontier challenges, your Pokémon will not be healed between battles and you earn Castle Points to be spent at the Castle Shop after each victory. Once you have defeated all seven Trainers, your Pokémon will get their first heal to take on Lady Regalia Windsor.

Located in the Battle Castle's courtyard is the Inequius Town Gym led by Sir Safer Ridefort. Usually found inside of a small building on the right, Sir Safer trains his Dragon type party as well as his swordsmanship. His arena is the majority of the courtyard itself. With a moat around the entire arena, this outdoor battlefield allows for great movement of flying and swimming Pokémon.

The Market has a couple of special shops. The Apricorn Smith has a small workshop and can make custom PokéBalls from Apricorns found in the wild. These are one of a kind and can not be bought in stores. Also in the market is the Fishing Pro Shop which has everything an aspiring fisherman will need from better rods to even the rare HM Surf. Inequius Town is a mostly self sustained economy with its residents selling goods and services to each other. As such, most of the populace lives in the Market, usually above their stores."

Places of InterestEdit

  • Inequius Town Gym
  • Battle Castle

Other Stores and LocationsEdit



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