Ice Caverns

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Official DescriptionEdit

"Vast and frozen are the best words to describe the Icy Grotto. The Icy Grotto is a large and empty field blanketed in show of various depths and slippery patches of ice as well as being almost completely surrounded with frigid water. While they are few and far in between, small pits lie within the ground making them quite dangerous due to them being hidden by the powdery snow. It is advised that travelers pay close attention to every movement they make.

While the field area is home to many Wild Pokémon, many of the great finds of the Icy Grotto can be found in its underground cavern system. At high tide, many of the lower entrances and levels will flood, trapping those that are inside it until the water lowers or they find one of the few upper exits. Many of the caverns walls and floors are coated in ice which can be quite dangerous when you account for the common collections of jagged rocks that litter the paths. A good amount of Wild Pokémon make this establishment their home and there are still bound to be undiscovered treasures deep within.

The only real entrance and exit to the Icy Grotto is though the bridge to Hasikoor Town as the ice cold water and tides that surround this secluded island can be extremely hard to navigate even with proper preparation. A small, frozen lake can be found close to the center of the grotto which has some submerged caverns that connect it to the outside ocean. As such, it is possible for the local Water-type Pokémon to come and go rather quickly."



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