Hasikoor Town


"A Village in a Blanket of Snow"

Hasikoor Town is a town located in northwest Kanji. The locale lies east of the Icy Grotto and west of the Iron Wasteland.

Official DescriptionEdit

"This icy town is just one of the many proofs of Kanji's incredibly unnatural weather. It is a small fishing village that has houses made from igloos, ice huts and tents. People here wear thick clothing that they harvest from Pokémon with thick wool or thick skin. Every morning, locals here would go towards the sea and catch themselves enough food to last for the day. Some researchers stay here to study the weather as well as the Icy Grotto. Outsiders are welcomed, but they are not generally allowed to live among the inhabitants. However, the researchers provide a forecast for the town, giving them advance notice of the sporadic snowstorms.

Tourists and trainers would visit this desolate blanket of show because it was close to the Icy Grotto, an untapped habitat where Ice Pokémon dwell. A few years ago, the locals here brought Trainers to the grotto in their canoes. As of late, the village found the time to construct a small bridge which makes travel much easier. The village charges a small toll fee of Poke-dollar50. This fee is used as maintenance for the bridge and emergency funds whenever it got broken after a hailstorm.

Despite sounding so remote, this place still has its own PokéMart and Pokémon Center. It is highly advised that humans and Pokémon that are not built for the cold to get some special clothing to help keep themselves warm. Also, with hail being very common, it is best to travel outdoors only when the weather has cleared up."

Places of InterestEdit

  • Toll Bridge

Other Stores and LocationsEdit



Name OriginEdit

  • Hasikoor based off of the Japanese words hashi meaning "bridge"

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