Glystone City


"The Past Tells the Future"

Gym Details

Dr. Richard Stone - Rock-type


Th HandaBadge Handa Badge

Glystone City is a city located in northeast Kanji. The locale lies east of the Iron Wasteland and north of the Shinrei Caverns.

Official DescriptionEdit

"Glystone City is home to some best archeological wonders in the whole of Kanji. Many of the brightest minds in archeology live here and work at the Glystone City Museum and Research Institute. It is also very common to see miners running to and fro thanks to the bustling emerald mine located on the south western side of town.

Some of the rare artifacts from around the world are showcased in the heavily guarded museum. Though not open to the public, the Research Institute studies and runs tests on the relics of the past. Many fascinating discoveries in the area of ancient technology have been made including a massive ancient Poké Ball that researchers have yet to break open.

The discovery that Glystone City was built atop the ruins of an ancient civilization was made by Dr. Richard Stone who is now the city's Gym Leader. The newly built Museum and Research Institute claimed almost all the artifacts inside it. After the ruins were properly excavated, the Battle Frontier Administration took over converting this empty temple into the seven roomed Battle Ruins. Trainers wishing to obtain a new Stamp on their Battle Pass must defeat the seven elemental Trainers in order to be admitted into the Ruin Pharaoh Mina Ford's private arena for one final bout.

Dr. Stone's Gym is built to look like an ancient temple with lots or artificial weathering and aging. Though it looks dangerous, there are no deadly booby traps such as poison tipped arrows, just the solid defenses of Dr. Stone's Rock-type team. If you manage to defeat him, you may walk up to the temple's alter and take the Handa Badge from its pedestal, just watch out for the massive inflatable rock that will be chasing after you.

This city is complete with a Market District with the usual shops and stores, but it also has a special collector shop called Collectomundo. This little hobby shop has all sorts of Pokémon Cards and a massive Card Wheel for people to try their luck. On the outskirts of the Market District is a small Ferry port that can take travelers to the other ports in Lire and Kanji."

Places of InterestEdit

  • Glystone City Gym
  • Battle Ruins
  • Glystone City Museum and Research Institute

Other Stores and LocationsEdit



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