Dawndry Town


"Enriching The Future With Knowledge"

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Raymond Orr - Fire-type


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Dawndry Town is a town located in central Kanji. The locale lies north of the Power Plant, south of the Silent Forest, and east of Specshade City.

Official DescriptionEdit

"This is a relatively peaceful country town and a good place to take refuge against the pollution and noise of the big cities. Situated beside the Silent Fores, this is a common stop for fledgling Trainers coming from Professor Bonsai's Lab.

Despite being a small, Dawndry Town is home to the most elite private institution, the Three Types Academy. With a small enrollment of roughly two hundred students, graduates are the cream of the crop in academics and many times socioeconomic status. It also houses a robust library that is fully accessible to students and residents of Dawndry Town.

Though often overlooked, a medium sized establishment plainly named "The Onsen" is located in the center of town. Owned by the very cheerful Gym Leader Raymond Orr, this facility is an open bath house utilizing a natural geyser beneath the town. Though divided into male and female sections, there is a strict no bathing suit or towel policy. Anyone caught ogling the other customers will be thrown out on the street in their birthday suit. Those that are very bold will want to try to find the fabled "Orr Hole" that supposedly allows customers to spy on the opposite gender. Upon special request, Trainers can be led under the bath house to do battle in the naturally heated Gym below.

Other than the aforementioned bath house, the town's market area is fairly simple. The only notable shop for Trainers other than the usual Pokémon Center and PokéMart is the Mini Contest Shop. Can't make a trip to the luxurious Contest Hall? Then stop by here for all of your Contest needs.

Houses here are spread apart with home owners owning more property than other places. Some of the older and richer family homes can be easily seen due to their massive estates that are usually guarded by steel gates at the end of their long driveways."

Places of InterestEdit

  • Dawndry Town Gym
  • Three Types Academy

Other Stores and LocationsEdit



Name OriginEdit

  • Dawndry is a combination of the words dawn and legendry.

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