Cassion Islands


"A Sun-Drenched Tropical Paradise"

Gym Details

Mizuna Summers - Water-type


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The Cassion Islands are an island chain located northeast of Kanji. It is only accicible via ferry.

Official DescriptionEdit

"The Cassion Islands are Kanji's tropical paradise. Though this is a chain of islands, the only civilization is on the main patch of land, Cassion Island. Providing plenty of fun under the sun, this is a great getaway destination. As the name states, these are islands and as such, one can not simply walk there. You'll need some sort of special transportation to get to this somewhat secluded area. So put on your sun block and get yourself a kick ass tan.

In the locally nicknamed "Tourist District", there are plenty of gift shops including the world world-renowned Aroma Fragrancey with its surplus of fancy scents. Also in this area is the massive headquarters of Kanji's television and radio station, KNJI. Running the best broadcasts around, KNJI covers the important events in the world of Pokémon, including a tournament that they host here on the islands.

Unlike the towns and cities, the Cassion Island Sewers are open to the public. Surprisingly clean, people can navigate these tunnels in order to get around to other parts of the main island with minimal traffic. Another noticeable feature about Cassion Island is its massive beach. Always cluttered with tourists and surfers, it is the number one fun spot. Just watch out for the Sandile that make their home in the warm sands.

Located in a large beach house on the south side of town is the island's Gym, a large summer home. Outside is a large driveway lined with palm trees. When not battling, the Gym Leader Mizuna Summers is known to have large parties with her guests completely covering the driveway with their vehicles. Inside this luxurious house is a large arena submerged in water. One half of the challenger's field is a small beach with the other half joining the pool. For the convenience of land doweling Pokémon, the other half of the challenger's field has two small islands floating in the water. Mizuna Summers' Pokémon will be at an advantage being in the water as opposed to the Poké Ball's water orb so be prepared to take on the Maiden of Water.

The Residential District lines the beach with many condos and villas having a wonderful view of the tropical ocean. Many members of the rich and famous have luxurious summer homes and will occasionally spend their vacations on the islands. KNJI's tabloid division happily takes advantage of this and gets a good amount of gossip from their paparazzi."

Places of InterestEdit

  • Cassion Island Gyms
  • The Sewers
  • KNJI Studios

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Name OriginEdit

  • Cassion is a misspelling of caisson, a watertight structure within which construction work is carried on under water.

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