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Official DescriptionEdit

"A bustling ecosystem and full of life, the Bois Forest has some of the healthiest plant life around. The soil is rich and supports so many tall patches of grass and stalks of fungus that the brown is only really seen on the commonly walked paths. Moss and vines cling to the ancient towering trees. These thick pines and cedars commonly grow to be fifteen feet or higher. Thee tree's leaves are a healthy green and many produce Berries with Apricorns being slightly more rare. In autumn, the leaves turn orange, yellow, red, and brown and fall from their branches, leaving piles of crunchy goodness along the forest floor.

Wild Pokémon tend to be friendly due to a lack of any real predators and will usually only attack when provoked. Sometimes, researchers coming from Professor Maple's Laboratory will stop in and take notes of the Pokémon in their natural habitats. Professor Maple's Lab is located near the Kidi Town exit of the forest.

There are also a few small streams and ponds inside the forest. One of the common traveler's paths directly follows a stream. While the water here is too shallow for marine life to live, there are a few breeds of amphibious Pokémon wandering about. There is a current debate going on in local cities if the ponds should be expanded upon by man and be filled with fish Pokémon so that they can be used as a fishing spot for sport."



Name OriginEdit

  • Bois is French for "wood".

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