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Official DescriptionEdit

"Many people here dream to discover what lies beyond the stars. Avenir City is unique in that it is built atop a large plateau, making it normally hard to reach. Thankfully, the city has erected three cable car systems to connect it to the mainland. Avenir City is also home to some of the brightest minds in the world in fields such as Astronomy, Astrophysics, Astronautics, ect.

The most notable establishment in this city is the Lire Space Exploration and Administration, or LSEA. This foundation is directly backed by the Liren government and a few personal investors and is is one of the most important research facilities in the world. Here, many scientists study and run numbers on the vast frontier of space including research done on samples brought back by astronauts. Not much information is released to the public, but tours of some of the mega center are given on a daily basis. Residents and tourists also have fun gathering in sight of the rocket ship launch pad on launch days.

The Market District is located in the center of town and is where the residents do their shopping and dining out. In addition to the standard array of shops, there is a small trading card store called Collector's Paradise located about half a mile away from the Pokémon Center. Besides having some rare cards for purchase, new collectors can buy Starter Decks and take a spin on the Card Wheel. Also in the area are a couple hotels for tourists and luxury suites for professional visitors.

Most of the town's Wild Pokémon wander around the suburban Residential District and the local park. There is a rumor around town that the colony of Elgyem that has made their residence in this city hitched a ride when a rocket ship returned from orbit about fifty years ago."

Places of InterestEdit

  • Lire Space Exploration and Administration

Other Stores and LocationsEdit



Name OriginEdit

  • Avenir is French for "future".

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