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Official DescriptionEdit

"Apel Town is a large rural community with the majority of the land consumed by farms. As to be expected, the primary occupations of this town are growing berries, raising Pokémon, and fishing. Berries are generally rotated with the seasons, but During winter, economy is pretty much dead because the land is covered in show and the lake freezes up. However, some wealthy farmers own small hot houses to allow them to grow Berries during the harsh winter. During this season, people tend to rely on reserves and are more conservative than in normal planting seasons.

The population here is dense and tourists rarely visit. Land is divided by fences and generally, it is easy to tell who has the most money. The paths inside the town are only made up of tilled land and are wide enough to have tractors to pass through them. The Town Square host Pokémon Center and shops most notably the PokéMart, Fishing Pro Shop, and Move Tutor. Most events and festivals are held in this square and it is not uncommon for every resident of the town to make an appearance from the Mayor to the farm boys.

Close to the Pokémon Center is the Apel Town Gym. Opposite to the sunny and vibrant aura that this town emitted, the Gym is painted with black and sits gloomily under the shade of the large trees around it. Inside, the only lights are the soft glow of candles so dim that one can only somewhat make out what's in front of them."

Places of InterestEdit

  • Apel Town Gym

Other Stores and LocationsEdit

  • Lire Starter Breeding Ranch
  • The Berry Master's Farm



Name OriginEdit

  • Apel is a misspelling of the word apple.

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